Melbourne Rain Water Tank Installation Service

collect water in tankThere’s a ridiculously simple way to install a rainwater tank – pay a Plumber to do it for you! 🙂

Hi, my name is Tim from Jackson Plumbing.

We’ve installed rain water tanks at private and commercial properties for our clients, all over Melbourne.

With drought conditions and low water storage numbers across Melbourne, we have seen a large increase in the demand for rainwater tanks.

It makes plenty of sense to have a rainwater tank installed to have your own water supply, with the possibility of future water restrictions imposed by state and local governments on homeowners.

Rainwater tanks can be:

  • installed easily to take advantage of the rain collected by your roof area; and
  • are a popular idea for people who have large pools that need frequent topping up due to loss of water through evaporation [Jackson & Associates Plumbing Melbourne can easily modify your rainwater tank to be used with your pool].

Rainwater tanks Melbourne

Throughout the country, Rainwater Tanks are an incredibly useful contraption, and in recent years they have become very popular during drought conditions in some parts of Victoria.

Perhaps the main reason as to why people use them is to aid in reducing mains water bills, for reasons of self-sufficiency or even to aid them in their gardening.

Basically, anything that you can use rainwater for can be done due to the installation of your rainwater tank.

If you wish to use your rainwater for drinking water, then a filtering system will also need to be installed at the same time – this will ensure that any pathogens are removed from the water and you don’t get sick!

Our Rain Water Tank Installation Service Melbourne

The main service that we offer is the installation of brand new water tanks on your property.

We will work with you to identify possible locations for your water tank, where it will be able to collect the majority of the rainwater run-off, which is, of course, going to ensure that the water tank fills up quickly for your needs.

We will also ensure that it is in an area which causes the minimum amount of disturbance to your daily life.

Rest assured that when you use our installation service you can rely on our experience to find the best place for your tank to help you reduce costs.

Connecting Rain Water Tanks Melbourne

In addition to the installation of the rainwater tank, we will be able to connect the tank up to whichever plumbing system you require, including the installation of filtration devices.

With the amount of experience under our belts, you can be sure that we will be able to complete this job quickly and easily.

Rain Water Tank Supply

If you don’t already have the rainwater tank that you wish to be installed then we are able to supply one for you.

With our connections to some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry, you can be sure that not only are we going to supply only best rainwater tanks for your needs but they will also be competitively priced, often much cheaper than you would normally be able to source them for.

Many people believe that rainwater tanks have a high cost, but the savings do certainly add up once you realize how much money you can save by having one of these installed on either your commercial or residential property.

Quality Rain Water Tank Service

You can be sure that when you opt for us for your rainwater tanks installation and supply we will offer the highest quality service.

We will not be happy until you are happy.

This is a result of the many years of experience that we have in carrying out this type of installation.

We will guarantee that we will stick to all applicable regulations relating to rainwater tank installation.

If you wish to find out more about our rainwater tanks installation then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We will have a dedicated member of staff on hand to answer any questions that you may have about the service as well as set up an appointment with you for your installation.