Best Free Online Bathroom Planner Tools 2017

Planning your bathroom layout can be a daunting task.

Picturing what your shower or basin choice will look in your bathroom space is difficult. Fortunately there is a range of, free, easy to use, online bathroom planner tools out there to help.

Suppliers and manufactures use these tools as a great way of advertising their products. So be aware that, at the end of the day, they are trying to sell you something. But none the less, they provide a great visual and you are not obligated to purchase from these companies.

Many of our clients [we are Plumbers in Melbourne, Australia] have come to us with design ideas from using these tools, so I thought it would be helpful to list our Top 5 FREE Bathroom Planners.

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Top 5 Online Bathroom Planner Tools


  1. Reece Plumbing Bathroom Planner [2D only]
    reece bathroom planner

    The Reece bathroom planner online interface is relatively easy to use. It allows you to enter the dimensions of your bathroom and make allowances for any ‘odd shaped’ walls. Once your room size is selected, the planner allows you to position fixtures like doors and windows in your room. And position any additional internal walls your design needs.

    Then you can choose from Reece’s extensive range of plumbing products and place them in your bathroom. The planner has a ‘print’ function which prints your layout, along with a list of products used. If you would like to save you bathroom for future editing, the site allows you register for a free account. They also have a range of bathroom designs that are pre-loaded into the planner, even including bathroom designs from the block tv show! The Reece 3D bathroom planner is a great tool to use for your next bathroom renovation. 

  2. IKEA Bathroom Planner [3D only]
    bathroom designer ikea

    This planner lets you choose from two designs, then customize as you choose. You can change the wall and floor colour. And add products from IKEA’s extensive product list simply by dragging them onto the planner wall.

    The planner will also tell you when you pick IKEA furnishings that don’t match! Pretty Cool! This planner provides you with a great visual of what the bathroom will look like when complete. However, it doesn’t give you an actual floor plan or allow you to add in doors or walls. IKEA bathroom design tool is a handy way to see what the latest swedish designs are and how they could fit into your bathroom space. 

  3. Bunnings Bathroom Planner 3Dr [2D & 3D]
    bunnings bathrooms

    Bunnings have created an online planning tool which allows you to design both Bathrooms and Kitchens. The Bunnings bathroom planner also provides a range of pre-designed rooms from different categories: contemporary bathrooms, compact bathrooms, classic bathrooms and luxury bathrooms.

    If you have your own designs, they have a ‘start from scratch’ section where you can customise your house layouts. Once you have finalised the design you like, adding all the products you need to get the perfect bathroom, you can view the plan in 3D and even print out a copy to check it out! Bunnings 3D planner. 

  4. Villeroy and Bosch Online Bathroom Planner [2D & 3D]
    villeroy and bosche bathroom planner
    ”  6 steps to your dream bathroom “

    They were not kidding when they made this statement. A cool Bathroom planner which allows you to easily ‘drag & drop’ windows and doors into the design. As well as all the bathroom products you need.

    They have also thought of letting you pick from a wide range of floor and wall tiles in this tool. You can also view your design in 3D and print both the versions of the plan. Once you have finished your plan, it takes you to a form where you can have a company representative contact you. Works really well, covering all the aspects you need. Worth a look, even if you don’t plan on buying Villeroy & Bosch bathroom items.

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