Plumber Malvern East

Are you looking for a good plumber in Malvern or the Malvern East area?

Sometimes looking for a plumber can be a daunting task, but hopefully we can give you some impartial advice on what to look for and why.

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What to expect from a good plumber?

A good Malvern plumber should be able to work on short notice, because if you’ve got something wrong it usually needs to be dealt with immediate.

They should be fully insured in the event of damage, which means if they cause a problem, or injure themselves whilst working in your home they are able to meet these expenses.

Plumbers in the Australia are not restricted on how much they can charge, but a good plumber will not charge an upfront fee of 100%.  You shouldn’t be given a quote either until they have carried out a home inspection to determine how much work actually needs to be done (although they can give you a rough estimate based on what you have described).

Always negotiate the fee before work begins – a good Malvern Plumber should be honest and open about all the costs involved.

Why get a licensed plumber?

When hiring a Malvern plumber look for a registered plumber.

Registered Malvern plumbers can carry out any type of plumbing work which they are registered for. However they are unable to issue compliance certificates, which in Victoria is a requirement for all plumbing work worth $750 or more, gasfitting and sanitary drains work. Only a licenced plumber is able to isse the compliance certificate. The certificate means that the plumbing work complies with all requirements of the relevant legislation.

Licenced Malvern plumbers are accredited by the Plumbing Industry Commission and you need to obtain the correct qualification to be licenced.

Anything less and you risk having an inexperienced plumber who may not be qualified to work on your Malvern plumbing jobs. Remember these qualifications mean that the plumber not only knows what he is doing, but has proved he can carry out the operations.

Not all plumbers belong to these Institutes, but it is added insurance.

Why Testimonials are Important

At times it can feel like a good plumber is hard to find.

It seems like we are bombarded everyday by tales of cowboy tradesmen barging their way into people’s homes, charging the Earth and leaving the place in more of a state then to begin with. It is really no wonder then that the majority of homeowners feel apprehensive about the services they so desperately.

That’s why it’s important to see if your plumber has testimonials from other clients. This will help you decide on the right plumber for your job in Malvern.