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When you really need the best local plumber in Melbourne….

Finding a local plumber in Melbourne you can rely on to turn up on time every time is a difficult task.

But it shouldn’t be!

When you have a smelly blocked drain, an exploding tap or need emergency plumbers. Don’t be faced with the hassle of having to muck around finding a plumber, only to have them not turn up!

Jackson & Associates Plumbing has a combined experience of overs 60 years servicing families and businesses in Melbourne.

Experience the Jackson & Associates Plumbing difference:

  • We turn up when we say we will
  • A guarantee of high quality plumbing services
  • Fast and efficient blocked drain clearing and cleaning
  • Expert hot water plumbing services and gas fitting
  • Reliable and efficient water filtration systems
  • Money-saving and dual flush toilet cisterns
  • Sewer pipe repair, cleaning & replacement
  • Eco-friendly plumbing
  • Friendly and courteous plumbers that leave the work areas clean after works complete
  • A plumber that turns up on time, every time
  • Qualified master plumber Melbourne

Jackson & Associates Plumbing deliver the best plumbing repairs, products and installation services for gas fitting and hot water services for bathroom, kitchen and home plumbing solutions. Our qualified and professional plumber Melbourne are ready, willing and able to meet your plumbing needs.

Jackson & Associates Plumbing is a leading Melbourne plumber with a reputation for delivering quality plumbing services throughout the Melbourne metro area. Make a general online enquiry or call us now on 0419 988 330.


Do you need a reliable plumber in Melbourne?

Every now and then looking for a good plumber in Melbourne can be a challenging job. Hopefully we can offer you some advice on what to look for, when you hire your next Melbourne Plumber.

If you would like to speak to a Melbourne Plumber now, call Tim on 0419 988 330.

What things should you expect from a good and reliable plumber in Melbourne?

When you’ve got a plumbing problem that needs attending to, it’s usually something that’s urgent, that needs to be dealt with immediately. So you need to make sure your Melbourne Plumber can work for you, at very short notice.

You need to check that they are completely insured. This way they are able to meet any expenses in relation to damage, injury or other associated potential problems that are caused while working at your home or business.

Your Melbourne Plumber should NOT charge you an upfront fee of 100 percent! A small upfront percentage is the most common practice. Make sure you get a quote, only once a full inspection has been carried out at your Melbourne home or business. This way the plumber can determine, more accurately, the amount and cost of work that needs to be completed. It’s okay to be given some sort of rough quote, based upon your descriptions over the phone. Just be aware that this is not a firm quote and the price may change after.

There are no restrictions on how much a Melbourne Plumber can charge for completing plumbing services. A good Melbourne Plumber should be transparent and open about all the costs involved and not overcharge. Ensure that you negotiate the fee prior to work commencing.

Do I need a licensed Melbourne Plumber to complete work?

You should always look for a registered plumber, when hiring a Plumber in Melbourne.

A Registered Plumber in Melbourne is able to complete any category of the plumbing work, for which they have appropriate registration to complete. This is different to a licensed plumber which is able to issue compliance certificates. Compliance certificates are a requirement in the state of Victoria for all plumbing work worth more than $750 or any gasfitting and sanitary drains work. The certificate shows that the plumbing work, has complied with all the conditions of the applicable regulations.

To be a licensed Melbourne Plumber you need to complete an accreditation from the Plumbing Industry Commission(PIC).

Make sure that you employee a licensed plumber, this way you can ensure that you will avoid using an inexperienced plumber, who isn’t qualified to complete your Melbourne plumbing job. The licensed plumbing qualification proves that your plumber not only knows what he is doing, but he is aware of all the rules and regulations as well.

To look up if your plumber is licensed, click here.

Can you find feedback and testimonials from other customers?

Finding a good plumber in Melbourne can be tough.

It’s critical to check and see if your Melbourne Plumber has testimonials from other customers, perhaps on their website. This can help you decide on the right Melbourne plumber for your plumbing job.


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