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What is plumbing?

  • Plumbing is the installation of pipes, fittings and other apparatus for the home. A plumber’s job should be to use the materials needed to create a comfortable and habitable home. Without plumbers, the water supply, heating and overall sanitation of a building will be depleted. And a world without plumbers, is a world that is not livable as we know it! There would be no sinks, toilets or bath tubs to bathe in. A career in plumbing will never go out of style.

A plumber’s job consists of maintenance and repairs. Most house issues such as a clogged sink, pipe leaks, broken toilets and installing central heating systems are tasks they are specialized in.

Plumbing is a skill that is highly demanded. Homes and businesses are in constant need of repairs and installations. Everyone that has a problem and it’s the plumber’s job to fix it.

Australia statistics state that that over 3,000 plumbers will be needed by the year 2017. Personal homes and corporate building premises are always in need of repair. Thus, the demand for certified plumbers is high and needed in society.

This guide will touch on all aspects of plumbing. From how to install bathrooms to repairing toilets, the knowledge gained in this article will be beneficial. By the end of this guide, one will know the mechanics and etiquette of being a professional plumber.


Different Types of Plumbers

Plumbing is an expansive skill set and there are many subdivisions and types of plumbers within the field. Certain buildings and facilities are only to be operated by commercially trained and licenced plumbers. A residential plumber can install in homes, but not in public areas such as libraries. This means that the plumbing industry is filled with jobs that require different levels of professionalism.

Generally there are two types of plumbers, Commercial and Residential, and at Jackson & Associates plumbing we have the experience to complete both kinds of plumbing jobs.


Commercial Plumber

Commercial plumbing is plumbing done at a professional level for businesses.

For corporate property that requires fully licensed plumbing technicians, commercial plumbers are needed. They are skilled with large tools and equipment and can perform in larger systems.

Commercial plumbers are trained to work in large plumbing systems such as businesses, schools and hospitals. A commercial plumber’s responsibilities are installing, maintaining and repairing pipes in commercial buildings.

Tip: Aspiring to become a commercial plumber? Check the local Glen Iris requirements to become a plumber in your region. Find out what licenses and classes that need to be taken. It is mandatory to have proper training and certifications before becoming a certified plumber.

However, most commercial plumbers are not experienced in repair and service at the residential level. Commercial plumbers excel in making sure a commercial piece of property has its plumbing components handled in a professional manner.


Residential Plumber

Moving to a new home? Need a sink installed?

Then a residential plumber is best for this scenario.

Residential plumbers are skilled in working on recently built and existing properties. Their skill set allows them to work on new homes, construction sites and business. Through becoming experts at installing pipe systems in homes, residential plumbers are demanded in new homes.

While they are often inexperienced in the commercial level, residential plumbers are masters at developing an efficient pipe system for residential homes and businesses.


Service and Repair Plumber 

Plumbers who are trained in service and repair are valuable. Service plumbers are efficient in fixing most common problems. Apprentice plumbers generally start completing this work for plumbing companies, but we always send our experienced plumbers. As the experienced plumbers have the ability to communicate with customers and understand the problem that is being faced. 

Plumbers are called when service issues occur in businesses or in residential areas.

Service and repair plumbers interact with the client unlike commercial and residential plumbers. Since they repair pipe systems on both the commercial and residential level, these plumbers need to have personable skills. Professional conduct, a clear plan and the ability to handle issues that arise from a home are needed in this genre of plumbing.

This is the most common form of plumbing that is needed. Our service and repair plumbers are highly skilled in dealing with virtually every common problem that occurs in one’s home.


Common Problems that Plumbers Fix

Plumbing is a field where a lot of problems can occur. Homes are always in need of repairs. With the right plumbing company and proper payment, plumbers can save a house from destruction. 

Proper maintenance can prevent such problems from occurring. Taking care of one’s water heaters, toilets, sinks and bath tubs can save thousands of dollars of repairs.

Tip: Do not be afraid to contact our local Glen Iris plumbing company. Through getting an expert to see the plumbing issues, a home can be restored to its glory. Our plumbing technicians are highly trained and are ready to aid in any residential plumbing or repairs. Call us now on 0419 988 330.


Pipe Leaks

Pipe leaks are a common annoyance in households. One pipe leak can damage a water system almost permanently.  Additionally, pipe leak repairs are needed to prevent future water damage repair costs. Basically, repairing leaky pipes immediately can save thousands of dollars in home repairs.

Tip: Most pipe leaks begin to leak near the joints, so make sure to inspect them frequently! If a pipe leak is occurring, then do not hesitate to call for professional help.


Clogged Toilets

Like how drains can become clogged, excessive and large materials can clog up a toilet. Additionally, check the toilet to see if there is any waste or buildup. Toilets clog easily when there is extra debris inside of it.

Simply use a plunger to push down the waste and stop further clogging. If that fails, use a snake tool to navigate into the pipes to remove any clog. Still didn’t fix the issue?

One of our plumbing technicians will aid in solving the problem. We are the leading plumbing company in Glen Iris Melbourne and we take pride in providing great services towards our clients. Top quality service and care are values we take seriously.


Running Toilets

Running toilets are a common household issue. Like pipe leaks, running toilets must be repaired immediately. If not, repair and water bill costs will increase dramatically.

The average homeowner will leave this problem ongoing for months. Running toilets waste over 200 gallons of water per day. Meaning that ignoring a running toilet can cause water bill costs to spike upward. 

Tip: Keep an eye out for issues. Toilets can run due to an extensive amount of flushing or just bad plumbing mechanics. Thoroughly, make it a priority to maintain and clean a toilet once a month.


Water Heater Issues

Imagine turning on the hot water to a shower. However, there are no signs of the water heating up or becoming remotely hot. Water heaters have an average life span of 8-12 years depending on how well it is maintained.

With water heaters, make sure that the pressure setting is at a respectable level. Overuse of the water heater decreases its life span leading to costly repairs.

Biannually, clear the drain of the water heater. This prevents clogs, backups and rust from destroying the heater. Thus, keeping the water heater running at an efficient rate.

Our expert service and repair plumbers can handle this issue with no problem! We are the leading source of plumbing service in Melbourne Australia. There is no plumbing problem that we cannot handle.


Tap Drips

This common issue occurs due to a multitude of reasons. Many of the reasons as to why faucet drips occur is due to an over exertion of force. The lack of the right maintenance and care for faucets can lead to it leaking and potentially breaking.

Taps drips can deeply impact the water bill. Millions of gallons of water are wasted annually. Due to this waste, the water bill can raise up to 40% of its regular cost. That’s not a problem one wants to have!

Annually, a single tap leak can cause for hundreds of litres to be lost. This waste can cause for dangerous materials to enter the home. A potential flood can occur causing over thousands of damages in a homeowner’s home.

Use less force when turning off the tap. This expands the lifespan of the faucet and allows for the water to be released properly. Also, inspect the tap once a month to see if any drips are evident.

Saving the sink, has never been so easier. The hard work put into installing the sink will be paid off with clean water flowing through the kitchen. Additionally, with the professional assistance of a plumber the job is even easier.


Water Pressure Issues

Water pressure is defined as the force that allows water to travel through the pipes in a home. Certain factors that affect the water pressure are the water usage, height of the water reservoir and the elevation of property.

Amongst all the older households, water pressure issues happen often. Low water pressure occurs when the water coming out of an appliance (ex: sink) comes out at a smaller volume. This causes an annoyance when water is needed for showers, gardening and maintenance duties.

To fix water pressure issues, contact our local Australia branch. We will send in a certified plumbing technician to help identify and rectify the issue. Our plumbers are technically skilled in the field and will help in fixing the water pressure.


Unclogging Sink Drains

Unclogging sink drains is an easy process. Most clogs can be prevented if the kitchen drain line is not abused. Do not add in meats or foods that are high in starch inside the disposer.

With a few materials, one can easily fix their sink in an inexpensive manner. The average costs for the materials are up to $30. For this project, they will aid in finishing and designing a bathroom.

The materials needed to do this are:

  • Allen wrench
  • Pipe wrench
  • Clamps
  • Plunger
  • Pliers

Make sure that the right materials are purchased for this situation. Also, purchase 3/8in by 20in snake to ensure that the drain can be unclogged properly. The snake tool is used to fix the drain and create a better water flow.

Next, plunge the drain! Make sure that there are towels around because plunging can be a very messy affair. Through plunging the drain have over 4in of water in the drain to aid in the effectiveness of the plunging. After several minutes of plunging, half of the clog problem is over!

Then, disassemble the P-trap that is located under the sink. Most clogs occur in the P-trap and can be easily cleaned if so. Clean up the trap area and remove any clutter that is in or around it. Any clutter that is sought must be removed immediately.

Lastly, place the tip of the snake into the drain stub-out. To feed the drainpipe, tighten the screw and turn the crank clock wise. Pour a ½ cup of baking soda and vinegar inside the open drain. This removes the excess fat that is stored and keeps the drain fresh.

Sink drains are a huge problem in a homeowner’s life. Fixing a clogged drain is a necessity in keeping the home clean and presentable. For once, one can efficiently fix a common problem that is an annoyance to home owners. The drains can be professionally cleared within a few minutes!

However, if this is too hard for you, please DO NOT hesitate to call one of our plumbing experts to aid in any sink related issues. We are skilled in offering support at the highest level of quality. In Melbourne Australia, we have completed over 200 plumbing projects.


Repairing Tap Leaks

Tap repairs seem challenging at first. However, with time and practice it is a simple task. First, find the right parts needed for the faucet. Modern faucets come in a multitude of different shapes, sizes and brands. Finding the right parts will save hours of unnecessary work and money from being wasted.

We recommend bringing the old faucet parts to the store. The safest bet would be to take the parts to the store so they can be examined. They will proceed to find the right materials needed to fix the leaky faucet.

Examine the faucet to see where the water is leaking from. Water leaks can cause for the wood material in a kitchen to wane. Leading into breaks, problems and costly repairs.

Next, turn off the water supply of the faucet. Search for the shut off valves that are in the sink. If there are no valves, then shut off the main water valve in the home. After the valve and the water supply is completely turned off, cover the sink with drainer baskets to prevent small objects from entering the drain.

Disassemble the parts in the faucet in an organized matter. It is recommended to place the parts somewhere in the order in which they are removed.

Sometimes there are small holes in the faucet that are caused by plugged up holes. With a small screw driver, clean out the holes in a clockwise motion.

After reassembling the parts, open the faucet in the middle position. Leave the faucet open until the air out of the pipes and water flows freely. Unclogging a faucet can be a difficult, yet if done thoroughly it can save over hundreds of dollars in repairs.


Installing Bathrooms Plumber Melbourne

Installing bathrooms is more of a challenging project.  With the right eye and correct materials, this DIY project becomes less of a hassle. But for most people, installing your own bathroom is an enourmous undertaking. That is why many people in Glen Iris have trusted Jackson & Associates to perform their bathroom renovations from start to finish. To read more about our Bathroom Renovation Service click here

The three main components of every bathroom are a sink, a toilet and a bath tub. A bathroom is not complete without them!

Tip: The recommended advice for this project is to hire a professional plumbing company with experience in bathroom renovations, like Jackson & Associates. Our advice and guidance can aid homeowners throughout the process. Bathroom installations can become a serious problem if one is not trained to install everything in a thorough manner.

But none the less, we will explain in some detail how the major components of a bathroom renovation are installed.


Installing a Sink

Sink installation is simple.

First, measure the area around the sink. This allows one to order the right PVC pipes this project entails.

Thoroughly remove the previous sink. Set the sink over the countertop to see if it is of proper length. Remove the sink from the countertop to attach the clips located in the back. Keep an eye for the water and make sure that the supply is completely turned off.

Next, install the faucet and other components to the sink. Items such as garbage disposal, water supply lines and dishwasher drain must be installed. Then, test to see if everything is aligned with the sink.

If the water is flowing properly and there are no leaks inside the pipes, then relax.

A sink is installed! Be careful when using it and continue to maintain the sink in great condition. This is where dishes are cleaned, so keeping an eye out for leaks makes kitchen work easier.

Tip: To guarantee a safe installation, call a professional! Sinks can be very daunting if there is no DIY or plumbing experience. Our professional plumbers can aid in any level of plumbing.


How to Install Toilets

Need to replace an old toilet?

Installing toilets can take up to two hours if the right set of tools are purchased. There are two stages in toilet installation; removing the old and installing the new. It is important to install a toilet to maintain a healthy home.

Another thing to remember when installing toilets is to check the water supply. If the supply is working effectively, then the toilet will work.


Remove the Previous Toilet

Removing parts and materials from the old toilet is recommended. This prevents back injury and the previous toilet can be sold anywhere for a reasonable price. Toilets seem to range from $20 to $500 dollars.

To uninstall a toilet, turn off all sources of water supply within the toilet. This means that the supply valve should be turned off and any excess water is removed. Remove the tank top of the toilet. Removing the top will prevent it from becoming damaged throughout the process.

Next, remove all bolts associated with the toilet. From base bolts, to the bolts behind the bowl all must be removed so that the toilet can be lifted properly. Plug the drain hole to prevent gasses from entering the room.

Finallygasesg a putty knife, remove any excess putty from the mounting surface on the floor and the base of the bowl. This makes it easier for the new toilet to be installed.

Toilet removal is one of the skills a basic plumber must know. 


Install the New Toilet

To install a toilet, it is mandatory to examine if parts of the previous toilet remain. If there is any excess debris around the mounting stand, please remove it. It will make the process of installing new toilets even easier.

Set the bowl onto the mounting stand, make sure that the bolts in the mounting stand are fully installed and updated. If they are the types of bolts that screw to the floor, change them. Position the toilet properly to ensure that water flows through it.

Install the water supply. After placing the bowl in its position, install the water supply to see if the toilet runs properly. The water must flow smoothly for the toilet to run.

Now that the toilet is fully installed, try flushing to see if it works. If any changes are needed, check the manufacturer’s instructions for more information. Basically, the manufacturer’s instructions can give information on the proper usage and mechanics of a toilet.


Installing Dishwashers

Installing a dishwasher should be done by a professional plumber and Jackson & Associates is happy to complete this service for your next project. Installing dishwashers is a 1-2-hour project that can cost from $350 to $2000 depending on which dishwasher you go for. 

Modern dishwashers are simple. The three important parts of a dishwasher are: the water supply, electrical hookup and a drain line. These parts are like the organs of the dishwasher. Most of the functionality of the dishwasher will come from its electrical set up, drain and supply of water.

Meaning that if there is a replacement dishwasher, break off the connections of the old appliance and reattach them to the new one. Making it available to install the new appliance.

It is recommended to buy a supply pipe with copper tubing. While it has its purposes, braided steel does not offer a long-term form of usage.  Copper tubing is known to last 60 to 80 years longer than braided steel. Due to its longevity, we recommend to use copper tubing for supply pipes.

Planning to save on energy? Then connect the cold water. The heating element in the dishwasher uses less power than the water heater. Thus, saving your water bill from a few dollars.

The easiest part of the installation is installing the electrical supply. However, it is important to install it properly to prevent electrocutions.

Make sure to clamp the wires to the unit’s junction box. When a leak occurs, electrocutions can happen if water is near the wires. One mistake with the electrical line and the entire house is in danger. That’s no good! Mainly, this step is used to prevent electrical discrepancies in the dishwasher.

Warning: electrical work should be completed by a qualified electrician. 


What are Water Heaters or Hot Water Services?

  • If the water heater is starting to leak, then it is time to replace it. Water heaters come in two different types natural gas and propane heaters. Both with advantages and disadvantages for each household.

Natural gas water heaters are energy efficient. They can efficiently and effectively heat up water in a home. Average heaters of this type can cost from $200-$1000. 

Propane heaters are more traditional. Powerful, these heaters can heat up a home quicker than natural gas heaters. If one is looking for a powerful heater to quickly add hot water to a house, then propane heaters is necessary.

Inspect the water heater once every 3 months. Throughout the time it can become clogged. Keeping the drain cleaned and working properly is the objective. Proper maintenance and upkeep of the heater is needed.

To further expand its life span, use water carefully. Excess usage of water can create small damages in the heater. Repairs are also expensive! Make sure to keep an eye on the water heater. Mainly, if one takes proper maintenance of a water heater it will last even longer.


Installing Water Heaters

Water heaters require a bit of strength, plumbing and electrical skills to install. This project will take an average of 2-4 hours to complete. Unlike the other projects, only advanced DIY users or experienced plumbers should engage with this.

Here are some simple steps in installing water heaters:

  • Inspect the water heater
  • Drain the tank
  • Disconnect water and gas lines
  • Remove the gas exhaust from the flue hat
  • Set up the new water heater in place
  • Install water line connectors
  • Install heat trap fittings
  • Connect gas to the supply line
  • Check for leaks

Installing water heaters is a daunting project yet it can be done with suitable training.

Tip: We recommend that professional plumbers to install one’s water heater. They are far more experienced and can install it faster. Water heaters are heavy and expensive. Because of this, one needs to be highly skilled before trying to start this project. Beginners should call for one of our plumbing technicians to aid them.

Tip: Taking a few weeks off in a new country? Check the temperature knob for the word “vacation”. This setting rests the water heater while one is away. Thus, saving hundreds of dollars off the water bill.


Installing Rain Water Tanks

Rainwater tanks are water tanks used to collect and store water from the rain. Locations with high precipitation and need water tanks. They save the home from becoming drenched by the rain and the tank is useful during harsh rain storms.

First, find the correct tank type, tank size and pump type that is suitable for the home. If looking for a price friendly water tank, purchase one with a maximum capacity of 2,000 liters. Basically, with water tanks one must find one that is at a suitable and affordable price range.

Next, position the new tank.  Make sure to maximize the catchment area of the tank. Also, to create the best tank for a home ensure that it has a stable foundation. The foundation supports the tank and allows it to capture the most water.

Third, check the roof and gutters. Don’t collect rainwater from roofs that have lead painting. The main rule of installation is security. When installing the water tank, take proper precautions to create a safe and effective installation.

We recommend hiring a plumber and technician to connect the water tank. Like water heaters, it can be complicated for beginners to connect it properly. Our Plumbers have installed hundreds of water tanks in Glen Iris and the surrounding areas.


Installing Gas and Gas Fitting

Installing gas into one’s house is a thorough process. A mistake can lead to dangerous toxic gas at a home. Thus, gas fitting should be left to a professionally trained plumber. Unlike the other projects listed, one should not attempt this. EVER. Call Jackson & Associates Plumbing to have your gas lines installed professionally. 

Gas fitting is any work that consists of installing, repairing or altering gas pipes. It includes work on vehicles such as trains, boats, caravans and ships. A gas fitter is one who can skillfully work on these vehicles in a professional manner.

The best thing about gas fitting is that it creates the gas line of the home. Thus, gas fitters are needed to have the heat and the oven work appropriately.

Here are the steps to install a gas line.

  • Step 1: Purchase the correct materials for gas fitting. On average, most gas pipes need a ½ in (1.27 cm) through 1 ½ in (3.81 cm) pipe to install in a home. Buy a total pipe length of 6 to 12 inches (15.24 to 30.48 cm) to account for any waste that occurs.
  • Step 2: Turn off the gas in the house. Gas valves are located at the side of the house and are easily shut off with a quarter turn.
  • Step 3: Extend the current gas line by fitting the pipe lengths and valves. Coat the threads of the pipe ends with either tape or pipe glue. Make sure that it fits tightly so that no gas comes out.
  • Step 4: Use a flexible pipe to connect to the new gas line. This helps the new appliance fit onto the gas connection. Thread it to the end of the gas line using pipe glue.
  • Step 5: Create a mix ratio of 1:1 of dash liquid and water on each seam of the gas line. If there are any bubbles present, then there is a leak. Make sure to unscrew the pipe, remove the pipe glue and reattach a with new sealant.
  • Step 6: Finally, turn the gas back on by returning the gas valve to the incoming pipe. Test the appliance so that the gas is flowing properly.


Congratulations. The gas appliance is now installed! While this project is dangerous for beginners, it is a great feeling to install gas within one’s home. One of the most valuable skills is to effectively install gas pipes in a house. And because of this fact, it is best to leave this job to the pros.

Hire one of our licensed gas fitters to ensure that every gas appliance works. Their professional level of plumbing skills and conduct will satisfy any homeowner’s gas fitting needs.


Outdoor/Rooftop Plumbing (including roof plumbing)

Rooftop plumbing is its own special breed of plumbing. Rooftop plumbers are specialized in their own area of expertise. While their skills can overlap with general plumbers, rooftop plumbers go beyond the spectrum of ordinary plumbing.

Rooftop plumbers are responsible for installing and maintaining the structures of a roof. Additionally, they plan for new roofs and confirm that each of them are working safely.

Outdoor plumbing can be dangerous. It is not recommended for beginners to do it. Rooftop plumbing is a field that should be left to fully trained professionals.

One benefit of rooftop plumbers is that they handle all problems that can occur in a homeowner’s roof. Roof pipes must be installed in an efficient manner. If not, a multitude of problems can occur in one’s home.

Salary wise, rooftop plumbers are paid over $52,000 a year. It is a field that requires a minimum of 48 months of training. Plumbers in this field have proficiency in creating and installing roof pipes, gutters and rain water tanks.


How to Choose a Good Plumber

Choosing a good plumber is easy.

All it takes is thorough inspection, searching for references and a see what they have to offer. Before one calls a plumber, examine the type of plumber needed for the job.

Anything needed for the roof? Hire a rooftop plumber. Moving into a new home? Hire a residential plumber.

First, check for a plumber’s professionalism. If the plumber conducts themselves in an appropriate manner, they are more likely to complete the problems one is having with their home. Additionally, if the plumber shows unprofessional conduct, then quit doing business with them.

It is important to check their credentials. Make sure that the plumber is fully licensed and carries insurance. This is crucial as it protects the homeowner and their neighbours in the event of an emergency.

Secondly, check their references. Ask to see samples of work that the plumber has done. Furthermore, check their social media following to see how they interact with clients. A plumber worth their weight in gold will conduct a professional level of service on and offline.

Ask the plumber how long they have been in business. Usually, plumbers with good reputations have been in the field for years. Plumbers with bad reputation often fall off of the business after a certain time. Inspecting your plumber before they conduct business is a surefire way to see if they have the ability to complete the job.

Check for their guarantee statement. Is there a way to receive a refund? Plumbers with great performance standards will have a guarantee statement for their clients. This also ensures that a homeowner can be refunded in the event that the plumber is unable to fix the situation.

Make sure that the plumber is at the home to give a proper quote. A bad plumber will give their clients a quote over the phone and then charge extra due to a random occurrence. Plumbers who give quotes when they reach the home are usually right.

The best plumbers will offer a fixed rate. This helps one know exactly what they are doing and how long it will take for them to complete the project. Fixed rates help a homeowner find an exact price that they need to pay for plumbing. Without it, it adds to the confusion, and makes the plumber more reliable.

Ask neighbours or friends for plumbing referrals. The best way to find a plumber is through referrals by people you trust. They can point one in the right direction in getting a plumber that can suit their needs.

If there are any professionals that one has a good relationship with, then see if they can give a referral! Once you call a plumber make sure to tell them who referred you. Chances are they might give you a discount!

Historically, plumbing has been around for millenniums. Starting in ancient civilisations such as Indian, Chinese, Roman and the Greek as public baths were developed. Additionally, plumbers needed to provide wastewater removal and potable water for large populations.

Today, plumbing is demanded more than ever. From businesses to small comfortable homes, plumbing is a useful and valuable career. It is a great start for those trying to find a job industry to become part of and plenty of apprecterships are available, as Plumbers are always in demand. 



To conclude, plumbing is a very important field of work.

Plumbers create a home that has running water, working gas appliances and protection from the rain. Many problems that occur within the kitchen, bathroom and outside can be rectified through the help of a trained plumber.

If you in need of any assistance of a licensed plumber in the Glen Iris area, do not hesitate to contact Jackson & Associates Plumbing on 0419 988 330.

more questions answered…

  • What do Plumbers charge per hour?

    Depending on the type of work, Plumbers usually charge between $80-100 per hour. 

What Plumbers Do?

  • Read our article above to get a comprehensive guide to what plumbers can do for your house or business premise.