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Plumber’s Tips for Bathroom Renovations

We’ve put together this helpful guide in order to help you decide what you need to build your perfect bathroom! While expensive features like underfloor heating, slate tiles or rain-shower heads can give your bathroom a major wow factor, you need to ensure that you make considerations for the crucial elements like a decent size shower area and ample storage in your bathroom renovation budget.

Getting Started!
Like with any project, there are a lot of decisions to be made, but only a certain budget that you have to spend. Therefore, it’s a good idea to compile a list of essential features and ‘nice to haves’ when renovating your bathroom space. Storage is often something that is overlooked in the design phase, but this is something that every bathroom should have. What’s the point in having an amazing modern bathroom, if you don’t have somewhere to store your shampoo & conditioner!

Also, have a thing about wall colour. Are you going to paint it or will there be large tiled areas? Remember, if you have a smaller bathroom, you want to stick to lighter (bright white works well) colour schemes to make the space appear bigger.

Against all of the features that you need, start to research the different prices that companies charge for the items you want in your bathroom. You’ll be surprised how quickly it can add up. I’ve put together a list of bathroom product stores for you to view and help you set your bathroom renovation budget:

Reece Plumbing Bathrooms
Bunnings Bathrooms
Plumbing Clearance Centre

Choosing your tradesman
This is a very important step when deciding to renovate your bathroom. Given the different skills required to build a bathroom, it is a very difficult project to complete, even for some of the more accomplished DIY’ers!

Jackson & Associates Plumbing would be happy to assist with your next bathroom renovation and can take the hassle out of organising a Plumber, a Tiler, a Glazier and a Painter to get the job done. We are more than happy to put you in contact with other happy bathroom renovation customers, to see if we’re the right fit for your bathroom project. Give us a call on 0419 988 330 to organise a time to discuss your bathroom renovation plans.

Some people decide to get a builder to complete and project manage their bathroom renovations, but we believe that a Plumber is more suited to the job, given the majority of work needs to be executed by a licensed Plumber.

Note – getting your bathroom renovated can be a major disruption to the operation of your household, as often your bathroom will be out of operation for at least a week. So if you don’t have another bathroom to use during renovation, you may have to plan alternative arrangements at workplaces, gyms or friends houses. Whilst we try and keep dirt and dust to a minimum, there needs to be some preparation to minimise the dust that spreads throughout the house, with the use of drop sheets.

Design Tips

Clear Shower Screens – these are a great idea if your bathroom is on the small side and you want to make the space feel larger. We are getting a lot of requests from customers for frameless shower screens with shower drains built into the floor.

Bath Tubs – freestanding bath tubs are making a bit of comeback in larger bathrooms as people step away from the tradition built in bathtubs and are opting for a more luxurious look.

Hidden Toilets – people are tending to position the toilet away from the main view, behind half walls or out of view behind vanity units.

Small Ensuite – small vanity units are popular to save space in smaller bathrooms and storage if being taken care of by mirror fronted cabinets above the basin. These mirror cabinets come with fancy storage systems with wire mounted racks and other options to help you easily store all your toiletries.

Fan – it’s funny how often people forget the bathroom fan. They can make a big difference to help reduce mould build up and take away the fog from the mirror in the morning, especially handy when you’re trying to shave or do your makeup before work!

Well, that’s it. We’ve given our best tips for creating your own Bathroom Renovation. If you have any questions about how to renovate your bathroom, we’re more than happy to answer your call on 0419 988 330.