Bathroom Renovations Glen Iris VIC 3146

In need of a new bathroom?

Perhaps you have recently checked your bathroom and saw something out of place.

The water is not effectively running and the toilet does not seem to flush at all. In addition, you’ve had this bathroom for over 10 years and it is becoming more obvious that your bathroom’s style is becoming out-of-date!

And while you are looking for professionals to aid you with your Bathroom Renovation, it seems like none of them are giving you the service that you are seeking. 

What a nightmare!

Fortunately, there is hope.

Jackson & Associate’s Plumbing.

We are a family owned plumbing company that services the Glen Iris area.

You do not have to renovate your bathroom alone. Our licensed plumbers are willing to give assistance and fix problems so that your house can be restored and remain the beautiful shrine that you want it to be.

Residents in Glen Iris have come to us for assistance for bathroom renovations. For over 60 years, we have delivered and provided this service to the best of our ability. Our reputation doesn’t come from just plumbing, but also providing an experience that customers remember.

Glen Iris residents need not to worry when consulting us! We will aid them in every step of the way!

To schedule a consultation for your next bathroom remodel, call Jackson & Associate Plumbing on 0419 988 330.


Bathroom Renovations Made Easy

Bathroom renovations are not as hard as it seems.

In planned correctly, your bathroom can look as good as new.

Picturing the result can be difficult. Renovating the bathroom can be a visual and physical challenge if done without the proper resources.

Suppliers and manufacturers often give tools that can easily help in the redesign process. However, most of them are ineffective. Additionally, they are trying to advertise products that will often increase the costs while distracting you from your goal.

With us, we can make bathroom renovations less of a daunting task. Jackson & Associates Plumbing can guide you on the way to creating a brand-new bathroom. No longer do you have to go through the grueling process of dealing with this problem alone.


5 Free Bathroom Planning Resources

Our website has free online bathroom tools that can help you design your bathroom to your liking.

They are 100% free, easy and ready to use.

Unlike advertisers who try to sell you expensive designing tools, these tools will do the trick.

We understand that homeowners are dealing with a costly project.

These simple tools can aid in making the design process easier. It is recommended that you try these tools so that you can have a good idea as to what the result will look like.

TIP: Spend a few hours using these resources. This will help you get a visual idea as to what you want the result to look like. The planning process can become complicated, but with these resources it can make it easier for everyone that is working on the project.


Things to Consider when Renovating your Bathroom

Glen Iris residents should consider a few things when renovating their bathrooms. This is an expensive and costly project that can often lead to mistakes. If done effectively, you can have a fully renovated bathroom at an affordable price.

Here are 3 things to consider when renovating your bathroom.


Plan Effectively

This project can last from up to six weeks to six months. The best thing that you can do is conspire a plan that can make this process even easier.

Bathroom renovations can cost from $10,000 to $100,000.

While planning make sure to have at least 10%-15% extra saved if extra costs are incurred. You do not want to be surprised by any extra cost because it can lead to your renovation project to turn into a nightmare.

This cushion will protect your pockets and budget from anything that can happen.

Budgeting in the right way will make the process of getting your project done faster. If not, you will face even more costs. And that will make the project last even longer and the renovations not fully as effective as you would want it to be.

Creating a cushion saves a lot of anger, time and irritation throughout the bathroom renovation process.


Inspect Current Bathroom

Inspect your current bathroom to check for any problems.

Example: Check the sinks, the toilet and the lighting of the bathroom. If everything works properly, then skip this step. However, if there is anything that is in need of repair please contact us.

We want to help you throughout your bathroom renovation.

Jackson & Associates Plumbers can spot out all the issues within your bathroom before you completely renovate it. This saves you thousands of dollars of unnecessary costs. Before remodelling it is recommended to inspect your bathroom just in case something pops up and prevents problems later.


Don’t Rush the Process

One common mistake homeowners make is to go through during the bathroom renovations process, is to speed through the project.

Renovations take time, and rushing through it will only cause for extra costs.

The problem with speeding through the renovation process is that it will lead to hasty decisions. You could install a bathtub only to realise that you dislike it.

Speeding through time will only waste time. It is important to understand exactly what you want installed in your bathroom so that the process runs smoother.

Don’t rush the process! Your bathroom will turn into a shrine!


Contacting Us

If you are in the Glen Iris area, we want to help.

Your bathroom is an extension of your mind and represents your home. We want to help and make sure that your bathroom is in the best condition that it can be. Whether that’s installing a new sink, toilet or repairing broken gas pipes, Jacksons & Associate’s has your back.

If in need of any assistance, contact Tim at 0419-988-330. We can arrange for a plumber to visit your home, assess the situation and provide any repair needed.

Working with us is easy.

Building the bathroom of your dreams is even easier